Tree of Life

The loss of a loved one is a difficult time; what can make a difference is the environment we choose to heal and reflect within. We believe it is important to provide our community with a space for healing and reflection, hence creating the ‘Tree of Life’.

Located in the beautiful gardens of Centennial Park, the Tree of Life is a bespoke sculpture representative of an oak tree with steel hand-crafted leaves, created to honour and remember loved ones in a special, lasting way.

Every person leaves us with a legacy; an imprint that remains with us always.  Each leaf on the Tree of Life holds an individual expression of these legacies.  You can play a role in shaping the Tree of Life – dedicating a leaf is a unique way to celebrate and remember the life of someone significant whilst helping a cause close to your heart.

The continuous growth of leaves on our Tree of Life, each with its own personal message, reflects its popularity and has become a source of comfort to so many people.  Those who wish to honour an individual story, are invited to purchase a perpetual leaf to continue the growth of the Tree of Life.

If you would like to honour a loved one by contributing to the Tree of Life through the purchase of a perpetual leaf, please download a brochure here OR contact THRF Group – Palliative Care on 8243 0320.

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