The LEAF Project

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Life Cycles Education – The LEAF Project

The THRF Group – Palliative Care Foundation values the importance of encouraging young people to become fully aware of how precious their life here on earth is, that every life will experience a beginning, middle and end and that we will all experience the same journey in our own way.

In line with this, we have developed Life Cycles – the L.E.A.F. Project – Life. Education. Art. Feelings. Students complete their learning culminating in a public exhibition where they can display and discuss their work.

The teaching assists and encourages participants to explore their feelings through the art process beyond the classroom, and it is hoped that students will retain this learning throughout their life journey.  As one student discovered, “It made me realise we are all part of a cycle”.

The LEAF Project allows young people to release their understanding of life through art and create a supported environment nurturing of discussion.

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