Art as healing

Art therapy has long been recognised as being beneficial in reducing symptom intensity for palliative care patients.

In a 2020 Journal of Pain and Symptom Management study titled  ‘Art Therapy in a Palliative Unit’, almost all the participants directly or indirectly involved in the creative art process considered it helpful.  They reported a wide variety of sensory, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual experiences.

Art can become the symbol or metaphor for what is difficult to name, and the process of creating can be liberating and emotionally healing.

Many respected studies have been made into the health benefits of art and it is now frequently available in health organisations around the world.  Our Art Programs have been developed as a complementary therapy to help support the emotional well-being of clients and families in palliative care.

We employ qualified art therapists with backgrounds in Visual Art and Narrative Therapy, including experience with children and bereavement, to work directly with patients both in hospice and community care.

To find out how these services can help you and your family, please contact THRF Group – Palliative Care on 8240 0320.

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